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Key Information

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Greenleas Mission, Aims and Values

Our School Creed describes the ethos and culture of Greenleas School. It is underpinned by our Mission, Aims and Values.
Our School Creed
This is our school,
Let peace live here.
Let the rooms be full of happiness.
Let love be all around,
Love of one another,
Love of all people,
And love of life and living.
Let us remember
That as many hands build a house,
So many hearts make a school.

Our Mission

Everyone in our Greenleas family is special, valued and contributes to our outstanding school. We nurture happy, healthy and confident children to achieve EXCELLENCE. Our ENRICHED, engaging activities enable all our children to ENJOY their learning and do their best in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Aims
To provide a welcoming and secure environment where children feel safe and able to learn.
To develop happy, confident children who are considerate towards others and demonstrate high standards of behaviour

To support children in becoming well rounded individuals where they naturally demonstrate the values in all aspects of their lives.
To treat our children as individuals and help them to fulfil their own potential
To provide strong leadership and management
To have an excellent team of well informed staff with a shared vision and sense of purpose
To maintain high standards of achievement in all areas of learning
To provide a wide ranging, rich, active learning curriculum in a well maintained interesting and stimulating environment
To have effective assessment for learning to track individual children’s progress
To deliver outstanding teaching and learning opportunities which facilitate challenge and accelerated progress
To have continued high standards of key skills in preparation for lifelong learning
To implement high quality , targeted intervention which impacts upon learning and progress
To provide high quality music, arts, and sport and recognise and celebrate children’s achievements in all these and other activities
To continue to embrace new technology in order to enhance teaching and learning
To work in partnership with our Pre-schools, our Learning Community and other local schools
To be a centre of the local community through extended services, providing a range of facilities for families, celebrating and embracing all cultures
To build teams which facilitate excellence, enrichment and enjoyment

Our Values

We want Values based learning to have a positive impact on learning, progress and behaviour.  We believe introducing values at an early age will give our children the language to articulate and express their ideas and act as a guide for their behaviour and attitudes.  Our school has a nurturing culture, and we consider all of our stakeholders to be part of the Greenleas family.  Values Education is in keeping with our holistic approach to learning whereby we hope we will instil in our pupils the skills and competencies which will help them to develop a productive and fulfilling life.

Values Champion Award                                                       

We are excited to introduce our Values Champion Award. Children ranging from reception to Y4 have been chosen by their classmates because they have demonstrated our school values such as respect, co-operation and understanding.

To celebrate, the children enjoyed a special tea party with Mrs Clarke. The award will be given out at the end of each half term with classes taking turns to vote for their Values Champion.

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Our Values

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