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Healthy Interest at Greenleas - Tue 25 Jun 2013

The following aricle was published in the LBO 25 June 2013

Learning should be enjoyable! This is the firm belief at Greenleas Lower School in Linslade. This has been evident in the fun activities taking place at the school surrounding healthy eating and exercise, part of the Government Healthy Schools Programme. 

Cheerleading, skipping and bench ball before school were popular with the children and, to their amusement, some of the parents joined in. The playground was also put to good use by Year 4 pupils who enjoyed  Bikeability training, encouraging them to keep fit and stay safe.

Rebecca Clarke, Acting Head at Greenleas is proud of the inclusive activities offered at the school. “Over 70% of our pupils have been part of a sports club during their time at the school covering many sports including football, tennis, karate, dancing, kwik cricket, Quick Sticks Hockey & dodgeball.”  Mrs Clarke continues, “we offer a diverse selection of sports in the belief that there is something for everyone.”

As well as learning the importance of sport and activities the children are encouraged to learn about healthy eating. In class
projects based around balanced meals and lunch boxes are supported by the curriculum and the school extends the free frui
t snack offered in Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2, a popular option for a nominal fee. However, the biggest hit was the Eden Foods Smoothie Bike. The children selected fruit for their free smoothie from the wide selection on the fruit barrow then provided the
pedal power for the smoothie blender.

Mrs Clarke summarises the Healthy Schools initiative, Schools play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing
of children and young people
. The habits formed at early age at home and school will hopefully stay with our young people for life.”

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Healthy schools  - Eden Smoothie Bike 25.06.13

Healthy schools - Eden Smoothie Bike 25.06.13 (92KB)

ICC Trophy at Greenleas 21.05.13

ICC Trophy at Greenleas 21.05.13 (264KB)

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